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Electronic database makes it easier to work with documents, clients, requests, etc.


Simple user interface saves your time. Do your job instead of learning how to use the system.


Well-designed information system makes your work easier, and serve clients better.


  • Automated workflow
  • Customer database (CRM)
  • Mobile applications for Android/iOS
  • Custom database development
  • Control systems development
  • Firmware development
  • Hardware development
  • PCB design


Our developers have over 25 years experience in hardware and software development - from microcontrollers to web-applications. 

We did our best to consider needs of people, who will work with our programs. That's why our interfaces are simple and easy to use.

We had to develop control and data storage systems which required very high reliability. That's why we are used to testing our code at each step.


What can tell better about our quality than our customers?

Please, take a look where our products are used.

Our systems are convenient and reliable.




We are developing a digital controller (PLC) for water treatment device like Protector and Elysator (PROTECTOR and ELYSATOR are water treatment devices developed by IWTM AS, Norway and ELYSATOR AG, Switzerland. Both used in heating/cooling systems to protect from sludge and corrosion.)

Protector Digital PLC monitors water quality (conductivity, flow, anode current, pressure, dissolved oxygen, ORP, etc), stores it in local memory and sends it to customer CRM. In the CRM the company staff can analyse the parameters to predict and prevent problems in the heating/cooling system. This hepls to save a lot of work time and improve control qaulity, thus saving a lot of money both for companies selling Protector and their customers.

  1. No need to visit all places where PROTECTOR or ELYSATOR is installed to take water analysis.
  2. The PLC in connection with the CRM will automatically warn company staff about any problems or need for service.
  3. The PLC automatically cleans Protector filters when needed by opening backflush valves.
  4. The PLC  automatically refills the system to keep water pressure at desired level.
  5. The PLC keeps track of how much water was filled to the system, thus showing possible leakeges. Warns staff if leakage is too high.


Screenshot 2022 02 24 at 15.01.37

IWT CRM is a system to collect and store data about water treatment systems. Now used in Norway, Sweden, Finland, United states and some other countries where the PROTECTOR and ELYSATOR are installed. Used by both IWT staff and IWT customers. There is also an offline extension for collecting and sending daily water quality log from large vessels that use Elysator.

Main functions:

  1. Customer service. Keep track of services done and plan to keep their heating/cooling systems fully protected.
  2. Stores all water analysis made manually and makes it easy to find and analyse them both for IWT staff and teir customers.
  3. Provides IWT customers access to their own buildings/vessels in the database, so they check if everything is OK with their systems.
  4. Collects water quality data from Protector Digital PLCs worldwide.
  5. Provides an eaasy way to update Protector Digital PLC firmware remotely.